Saturday, August 14, 2010

Activities in Aug

So far we are having a good successful 'tabling' events @ the Amherst Farmers Market.

Our Aug 7 table witnessed good crowd of a diverse poulation from many different towns (and states) who usually come to the popular Farmers market.

We were joined last week by a group of activists from the

Sudanese immigrants community of upstate NY (Albany, Schenectidy, Troy, and Cobblskill).
They came to visit to learn from our experience how to start a similar 'tabling activity' in their towns that service issues of their interest.
"I think I will be able to start something like this" said Osman who work in a neighborhood store in Albany and was thinking to have an Information table once a month @ his store. Our active member, Martha, encouraged him and offer to provide clipboard and a starting kit.

Our next table will be on 8/21 @ the same place 11am and followed by our monthly meeting @ 1pm.

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