Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our adopted POC (prisoner of conscious), Kareem Amer is not alone!

Thanks to letters from people around the world, including Amherst, that reaching him every day and giving him support and hope...

The online FreeKareemBlog campaign proved to be very effective in moblizing manyactivists on the ground.

We encourage our members and other human rights activists to either stop by our table this Sat at the Amherst Farmers Market (11-1pm), or to visit the above link and send few lines to Kareem in his soilitary confinement in Egypt (1108 days so far!)...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Come on down to our Table Sat 11/21

Yes, it's confirmed news: Sat 11/21 is the last Farmers Market in Amherst for this year... Today, the heavy rain forced us to fold up the Table and only leave the beautiful banner of our Chapter-128So we encouraged all our members to come out and celebrates this successful Tabling Season next week...The weather will be gorgeous, I was told by one farmer.... let's talk by email/phone to make next table the Best...!